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 Runiuni is short for Our Communities United and is a democratic social platform for every region in the world . We are focused on empowering society through bottom-up growth .

Empowering Artists to Connect with their Local Community
Introduction In today’s digital age, it’s easier than ever for artists to share their work with the world. However, connecting with one’s local community can still be a challenge. That’s...
White Catherdal representing government
How to Find Local Government Officials Using Runiuni
Runiuni allows you to find local government officials in all cities of the United States .
Region Levels
Understanding Region Levels in Runiuni
A simple explanation of Region paths and Region Levels and there importance to Runiuni .
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Our Goals

Bottom Up Democratized Media

Instead of platform controlled by corporations from the top down. We believe in empowering people to moderate content by voting and reporting from the bottom up.

Building Trust

We hope as people hear different voices from around the world a foundation of trust between communities will grow .

Inspiring New Creators

In today's world it's hard receive attention due to the global competition of the internet . As a new business, content creator , artist this makes it hard to connect with people . By splitting content specifically into direct locations we give every creator a platform to receive attention and feedback to potentially grow globally .