About Runiuni

Runiuni stands for Our Communities United and is a social hub based on region .

Runiuni is a platform where every region is connected to each other from the bottom-up. Every persons post, likes, comments, and views matter to the platform . Our goal is to help small businesses, new creators , and people communicate community concerns. We want to incubate trust by having every community be heard. Our platform will not have top-down censorship and instead will focus on delegating power to people through democratic decisioning allowing every community to monitor their social hub .

Our Mission

Providing a open platform for information and communication in every region in the world .

Our Values

Openness, Empathy, and Appetency

Our Goals

Bottom Up Democratized Media

Instead of platform controlled by corporations from the top down. We believe in empowering people to moderate content by voting and reporting from the bottom up.

Building Trust

We hope as people hear different voices from around the world a foundation of trust between communities will grow .

Inspiring New Creators

In today's world it's hard receive attention due to the global competition of the internet . As a new business, content creator , artist this makes it hard to connect with people . By splitting content specifically into direct locations we give every creator a platform to receive attention and feedback locally with the potentiality of still growing globally .

How It Works

Choose any location in the world and you will entered into that locations hub . 

Once in a locations hub you’ll be able to interact with a variety of services we provide  and are expanding on .   

Once in region you can connect with other people in you’re communinty by posting or interacting with media  .

As you’re post receives more attention through likes, comments , and views it will grow into more regions .